Influencers Rule

Who is it in any Industry that can afford to throw to “competitors” the less desirable jobs?

Would you agree it would be those with Influence in that Industry? The funny thing is that it is far easier today to be one of those people of influence than ever before.

These people earn a heck of a lot more money, with a whole lot less effort and stress than 90% of those in their space. In part because of their greater status and or recognition in that space / Industry.

I want to thank for all they are doing to teach Entrepreneurs how to become these people of influence and power in their Niche or Super Niche. One of the best books I have read in a long time was the book by the same title as the above mentioned website.

I wrote about this topic 5 years ago and it got a lot of blank stares and a bit of judgement brought my way. Now it is the significance of being influential is really catching on, and making sense to Entrepreneurs in particular.

Though KPI actually markets a program to Candidates they screen and charge roughly 10 K for, they have so many incredible testimonies from those that went through the program. I met some of these people, and they were not just willing to pay the price, but do the work.

I had a Blog 5 years ago on StartUp.bBiz where I shared what my strategy was going to be for myself, and why I knew it would work, when I was ready to accept the full weight of the responsibility that would come to anyone willing to 1. Perfect their Pitch, 2. Write Their Book 3. Write the Blogs, 4. Monetize their IP, 5. Start to build Strategic Alliances, or as KPI puts it, attract Joint Ventures., etc.

Who do you look up to in your Industry? Who would you consider pursuing for a Joint Venture if you had your “Pitch” perfected and Vision clarified well enough to present.

Keep in mind that people have in general, a very short attention span, so shorter is better. The less you say the more questions you invite. The more questions being asked of you, the more you are having the opportunity to share about that which you are passionate about.

If you are not passionate about IT…IT is not what you should be pitching. WHAT IF.

How can people succeed at anything they are not interested in, or acknowledged as being a credible expert in the area of.  When Marketing anything, you don’t want to be seen as a Peddler, or even a Vendor. You have to move up to the Consultant or better yet, the Trusted Adviser Status. Then you are not even concerned about your “competitors”. They are concerned about coming up against you.

I used to incorporate a lot of subliminal messages in the Marketing of a National Chain of Tanning Salons I took across the Nation in the 80’s.  It is funny how without really knowing what I was doind, but just following my gut….even in my Trademark I had included a Superlative Statement. “America’s Tanning Experts”.

That statement challenged everyone including myself for years, until there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that I truly was the Expert. What are you saying or not saying in your pitch or pitches, that are moving you up or down the food chain in your Industry.  Is your answer to a hard sale, lowering your price?

I heard once from a major Person of Influence who reads 13 books a month, the following. He said, Don the world considers anyone an Expert who has read 10 books on any particular subject. WOW…That is it?! What 10 books have you read on what you are passionate about? If you haven’t done at least that, get to it!

INFLUENCE is POWER, on so many levels. When you have Influence you actually attract Opportunities. People love to do business with people they perceive as successful. Suddenly you find yourself being invited on Trips or to very special events, that you will not find out about on the Internet.

People love to share their great ideas with people they think may know the kind of people they may need to talk to help them take it to the world.  Teens are taking ideas to the World and making millions, because they are not restricted by concepts and protocols, we all felt we had to adhere to.

Most everything we need to do research and development on, is typically at our fingertips now on the Internet, which saves the small fortunes we used to pay just for POLLS. When is the last time you recorded yourself to hear what you sound like when you do your 30 second SNAP. / Pitch.

Who are you willing to let speak honestly into your life without your being offended. Get feedback. Bad feedback is better than none, if you don’t take offense to what is said. Take it all and weigh it out. Then after you made your adjustments, try them out on someone else. Perfect your Pitch and you will increase your batting average oddly enough.  Enough for now.  DLWard


Mentors VS Tormentors

WHAT IF:  “We are either led by Mentors or Driven by Tormentors” DLWard

Well it is very difficult to receive what one cannot perceive. If we can’t perceive what a Mentor or a Tormentor might be, we can’t receive or choose to not receive them. 

WHAT IF...A Tormentor is a NEED, a need to be right, loved, successful, attractive, noticed, etc. 

WHAT IF…A Mentor is someone who is on the road you are on, but way down the road.

Mentors are Free, Coaches are Expensive, and Mistakes are even more costly….WHAT IF!

WHAT IF: We all have a Blind Spot in our life, as we go down the road to Destiny. A Blind Spot when we are driving is that 18 inches where an 18 wheeler can fit in, and we can’t see it. If we are in communication with others going down the same road, they might say, …be careful there is an 18 wheeler in your blind spot…DON’T CHANGE LANES!

Mentors can be anyone and they can be disguised as anything but a Mentor. If we never look inside of people, we never can get anything more than what we see.  What you see is what you get, takes on a new meaning. They could hand you a business card saying Chief Engineer of a Waste Management Company, but they they used to be the CEO of a big Corporation and got tired of the rat race.

Does that make them any less worth listening to about Business? No. In fact they may have said…I am tired of people asking me for free advice, money, introductions to people I worked hard to build great trusted relationships with. They may have chosen to hide themselves from takers, and ride around on the back of a garbage truck.

CEO’s take all kinds of garbage all day long, and though it might not stink, it is after many years rank with strife.  

HOW to attract a Mentor.  DON’T TRY. You PURSUE a MENTOR, you don’t attract one. Mentors and those with a mentor’s heart, discern people and their agendas / motives.  Is the person pursuing them after what they have LEARNED or after what they have EARNED? (Influence, Fame, Power, Access, Money, etc).

Whatever one Honors will Honor them. I gained many great Mentors / Friends in my life. In time we came to CO MENTOR one another in our differing areas of Genius.  Did I try to reveal what mine was? No. You don’t need to, it will make room for itself.  I would say to someone I really felt I could learn a lot from, I would be Honored to tag along to watch you in action sometime.

The person would say….WHAT? You want to tag along? What kind of meetings would you want to go to with me.  Board Meetings was usually my first pick, but I would say…any meeting you are involved with closing a deal, negotiating a contract, presenting at, etc.

I went to a lot of interesting Board Meetings I could never have knocked on the door to and gotten in on. I would sit there either taking a lt of notes, or pretending I was, usually the former. This always made the others at the meeting curious as to what I was getting from the meeting. Nearly every time, they would say….Mr Ward, what did you think about all you heard in the past hour or however long it was. 

I would be to the point, honor all in attendance, and share one serious observation. Kept it short and to the point too.  It was amazing how many of those attending would be contacting me after the meeting, to invite me to lunch sometime.

Pursuit is the Evidence of Desire. Desire is of the Greek and means….OF THE FATHER. People hear that all they have to do is follow their hearts desire, and it is quite true. A Desire comes from either the Father of Lies or the Father of Life…WHAT IF.  If that desire is connected to empowering, building, edifying, encouraging, partnering, with or helping you or others to advance and grow, it is from the Father of Life.

If the desire is to destroy, steal, detract from, diminish, defame, or take away from anyone or anything it is likely from the Father of Lies.  WHAT IF.

Mentors that pursue you have an agenda for you.  I always tell my kids that GOD loves them and everyone has an agenda for their life.  Think about the second part of that sentence one more moment. Everyone thinks they know what is best for you, or wants you to help them accomplish what they desire to accomplish. 

I also tell them that All Their Greatest Enemies….LIE….Within. We can talk ourselves out of more things that deep down we know we want to do, but we will let others convince us not to.  WHAT IF…more times than not, Friends and Family are comfortable with our present and our past, but not comfortable with our stepping into an enlarged tomorrow.  When they sense we are moving ahead, they likely sense they are being left behind to remain in their uncomfortable comfort zones. 

Coaches expect you to do what they tell you to do. Mentors expect you to do what you already know is the right thing to do.  Friends and Family want you to do whatever they are doing. WHAT IF

When we are DRIVEN to accomplish this or that, we act more often than not as people who are leaning on their own understanding. If you are about to do something, others have already done, and done well, why not see if they have at least written a book. Mentors VS Mistakes. 

I was having breakfast with this Billionaire from Costa Rica one morning in LA. There were 7 of us at the table, and he was telling how he was a self made man. This of course did not set well somehow with me. So I said…you never had any Mentors? No Mr Ward I did not. Then I said, so you never read any books? He said…yes I have. It took a moment, but then he said….Ah….you got me. I see where you are going. Yes, I read all the time. So I guess I have had some mentors, thank you Mr Ward, you got me.

Have you ever met someone and said…I bet they see the passion and talent in me, and how much it is like their own. You waited for them to reach out to you, and take you under their wing.  Sorry, it just doesn’t happen that way 98% of the time. You must pursue and honor those you would want to be mentored by.   WHAT IF………….DLWard         


It would be easy to take excerpts from my book about to be released “Stealth Wealth” on this topic but everyday we grow and learn something new hopefully. 

In August of 2013, I accepted a position in an Industry I was glad to leave 35 years before at age 24. NEVER did I think I would be around it in any way shape or form. The only reason to go back to a people, place or Industry we came from is to go as a DELIVERER. Otherwise, know that one never finds their future in their past.

The Question in my mind then became, what can I come and shed light on for those in this Industry that I did not possess way back then. It took a few months before I was really out on the street, but within a few weeks it was clear why the Auto Industry needed my perspective.

NO ONE….( Sorry for such a broad Generalization) in the Auto Industry is really a long term thinker. It has a poverty mindset, that proves itself to be such in that it puts little value on people. WHAT a bold and terrible thing to say. The Industry values people’s money, but if it valued people it would be focused on NETWORKING…..and building RELATIONSHIPS. 

Relationships not with just potential buyers, but EVERYONE. Vendors are not treated oftentimes as anything more than an evil necessity. Managers think they are of greater value or pretend that because their self esteem is actually usually quite low. OUCH. 

When one gets a REVELATION, it will cause a REVOLUTION in one’s life. When one gets the Revelation that Relationships are the Pipelines through which all things flow (good and bad), then people become assets, not liabilities. Right? Even an enemy can be a great asset in one’s life, but that would be a whole other Post. 

When is the last time you met an Auto Professional at a Networking Event. When was the last time you were at a Networking Event.  Every week I attend at least 6 events designed to connect professionals of all different backgrounds and Industries.

At each event I go to meet ONE new person. Of course I always meet more, but there is always ONE That I make a point of meeting for a juice, or meal with the next week. So that is 6 new One on One meetings a Week, and six Networking Events a week. 

Multiply that times 52. OUCH…That is now a whole lot of valued connections who generally received a critical connection to someone through me, and myself through them. How rich am I in Trusted Relationships? You decide.

Through some seriously challenging years, those relationships resulted in tens of thousands of dollars at the very least of debt free miracles!!! Call it Faith, call it sowing and reaping, call it GOD, call it whatever you want. Those relationships were pipelines. 17 weeks of 4 star hotel rooms for my family came from people who had heard my family was in a time of transition, and they offered HOTEL REWARDS POINTS to cover Suites, adjacent rooms on the Executive Floor, with all kinds of privileges the rest of the Hotel Guests did not have.

My family came to see the tangible results of all these meetings that I had sown into the lives of people I had only met once. When I meet someone face to face for a one on one, I like to bring some type of a Gift, at the very least a monster sized referral. Why? Whatever you Honor will Honor you.

Why do I say….Honored to meet you when I meet someone new? Refer to the above!!! Why is it so important to not judge books by their covers? The Real Wealth of any one you meet is INSIDE of them, in who and what they know. Honor the greatness inside of everyone, even a thief. It won’t go unrewarded. 

NETWORKING EQUALS / PRODUCES / NET and increase in one’s Net Worth of Influence, Access, Power, Love, Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances, and WEALTH. Unseen doesn’t mean Invisible or unattainable. It just means you have to look beyond the business card, and look inside of the person offering it to you.

I seldom offer my Business Card unless asked for it. Why? When someone asks for my card, they have honored me and I won’t easily forget their having asked for it, or them. If I go around passing out cards, I might as well just get flavored tooth picks for people, with my name engraved on them. 

We all meet people who are potential Mentors daily, but if we do not Honor them and pursue them we will not have access to them. I will see that I am talking to someone who has a lot to offer, those they meet. Then I may say…I would be honored to just tag along to a Board Meeting or luncheon where you might be doing business or speaking. 

They look at me, kind of as to say…really? They will often say….tell you what, next Tuesday from 1 until 3 what are you doing. I make my schedule change real fast and say…whatever you think I should be doing. I can change my plans for that opportunity Mr or Mrs _______. 

They are Honored to know I think that much of them. Next thing you know they are LOOKING inside of me to see what I may be carrying of value for them or someone they know. Whomever, Whatever you Honor will Honor you.

IF you are not Networking because you don’t feel you fit in, all the better. Who does. People will see that you are being kind of quiet and come over to you if they see everyone else is engaged in a conversation. Next thing you know you met your ONE. The One. When you throw out the concept of CHANCE…you will see amazing things happen just because you showed up.

Watch your your perception of your Net worth rise each week, as you add more friends and potential prospects to your life / business. Share freely the people you know with the people you meet. Let them figure it out after you make the Intro. It really is not your problem at that point. Take a Chance…..NETWORK    DLWard

Monetizing Unseen Resources, Internal / External